The font ANACOM__.TTF, as well as the project itself, was conceived from the extensive work of Prof. Jaime Kerbel Golubov of Universidade de Brasília (UnB). His work in the earlier 90's with patterns generated from combinatory analysis of basic elements was taken from the most simple geometrical figures (square and triangle) .

The generator principles of his work were also developed by the artist Athos Bulcão, being known internationally as one of the greatest artists of his time. The splendor of his works may be seen in several buildings in Brasília, in the rest of the country and abroad.

The work philosophy had as a starting point certain religious/philosophycal/mathematical elements from several cultures: Yin/Yang gave the black/white contrast bipolarity; the images of the square and the triangle deriving from the diagonals based on the principles of Kabbalah; the disposing in great panels perfectly ordered but with random appearance of Chaos Theory and Fractals. The results, originally hand-made by Prof. Golubov, were enormous drawings of intrincated patterns which, when, exposed to the public, evoqued different emotional reactions. This gave me the idea of studying about the psychological correlation with the algorithms, the rythm and symmetry they made (or the lack of these elements).

Unfortunately, Prof. Golubov died before we could have a deeper talk about these psychological studies and, being one of his students, I decided to carry on these studies of aesthetical experiments. The natural decurrence was the addition of the circular elements in quarter of circles, negative and positives, following the original bipolarity line. The result of this experimental retake was summarized in the font here exposed, to divulgate and incite new experiments in Art.

The combinations generated "by feeling" by Athos Bulcão and the ones generated from the algorithms were taken as a base for a more extense work. The objective of this work is not only the ludic aspect of the panel preparing, but also the verification of the Congenital Mathematics (*), which I believe is inherent to all humans.

The algorithms are still under development; some are already available in the program page.

• All intelectual contribution will be very welcome.
(*) This term, a neologism, refers to a theory, still under development, about the relation between the aesthetical, geometrical elements and the natural human tendencies towards harmony, symmetry, balance and composition, and the decorrence of this applied to other so-called exact sciences. I this work, the core is that this skill is not genetical only, but developed during the intra-uterine foetal development.


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